Sunday, January 5, 2014


             For this project, I went with a theme of societal norms and following your heart.

             First, I cut cover so that it would divide the book into nine sectors for the figures. I went on Google and looked for a model to use as the figure by looking up paper dolls. When I found one that I thought would work best, I traced the model onto the cover page and began to cut into the book. I had a great deal of trouble cutting into this book, as the pages kept ripping. Eventually it became too frustrating, so I gave up trying to cut through to the back cover and began painting.

             For the paint, I went for a minimalistic approach to show contrast between the layers, and also so that the different middle figure would stand out more. I was originally was going to drip watercolor paint onto the middle figure, but ran into two problems: I couldn't come up with a good plan of action for it, and I was running out of time for my marble drop. So, I went with a much simpler idea: to paint a small red heart in the middle figure.

             One thing I did successfully was how I painted the book because it had exactly the effect I wanted. One thing I would change about this project is the book that I used because it was a little too small, and the paper was surprisingly stubborn and hard to cut.

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