Thursday, January 2, 2014

Texture/ Pressure

             For my Texture project, I chose to take the word "pressure" rather literally and make a sculpture of metamorphic rock.
             At first, I had some difficulty in carving the curved lines on the clay. However, I got lucky: the person in front of me had cut a slab of clay and left a textured pattern on top that was perfect for my piece. The only problem with this was that I couldn't throw it to get rid of trapped air bubbles, so I eventually had to carve the bottom of the slab out. For the crystals, I molded some small bits of clay, stuck them onto the slab, and covered the bottoms of them with slip to make it seem like they were coming out of the slab. After I finished painting, I coated the crystals with a gloss to make them shinier.

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