Thursday, January 16, 2014

Small Project

             For my last project this semester, I decided not to do a wire contour sculpture and come up with my own idea. I wanted to make a small stained glass mosaic, since I've done some other glass mosaic projects in the past and had some materials left over that I could use-some small sheets of glass that were dark blue, blue-gray, yellow, white, and opalescent. I was inspired to do a shooting star by the theme from my marble drop project that I had just completed.I first had to transfer the sketch of my design onto the wood tile and mark what color glass was going to go where. Then I began to cut smaller pieces from the glass sheets to fill up the spaces.Once I filled up a section, I glued the pieces down to the wood. Once all the spaces are filled and the glass pieces glued down, I will grout the spaces between the glass pieces to seal the wood and permanently set the pieces.
            One thing I think I did successfully was that I found a good design that would work with the glass that I had. I would have liked to have finished it before the end of the semester, but unfortunately I was sick for almost a week with an upper respiratory infection and couldn't work on it.

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